International Working Trials 2007

Every year the international working trials are held in Spain. For us this is the third time we are there, but the first time we are not competing. Shira became champion last year and the champion is not allowed to compete anymore.J

This year we find it not a big problem. We can enjoy eveything, without any tension. And of course we can chat with all our friends we met the last couple of years. Besides that, our pictures are all over this years poster, so we are present !!

It is also our holiday, and we don't come only for the trials. We stay 10 days in the south of Spain, together with the boys. Of course we can't bring all our dogs, but we don't want to go without... so we bring Shira with us !

We made a lot of pictures of the trials and our holidays.
Here an impression:

Wednesday, August the 8, we left for Spain. On our way with the car to Ubrique, we stopped to buy some delicious fresh fruit and to enjoy the view.

After that we drove on to our house in the mountains arround Ubrique.

Ubrique by night

Thursday we stood up late.. After that we went to visit Rhonda. On the way we stopped in a 'parc natural'.

Friday we went together with Lynne to Sierra de Zahara. A beautiful little village with a view on a magnificent  turquoise colored lake !!

Saturday was the first day of the working trials. This year the trials were devided over two days. Day one were the water trials and Sunday (day 2) were the land trials.


Antoinio in action with Léon during the retrieving

Shira came in action when an other dog didn't get the apport..
She went in the water for at least 10 times...

The diving went different this time, but a lot of dogs went completely under the surface !!

Also de rules for the Ramp were different this year. The dogs did not only have to get over, but the had to get back as well.

The searching went well this year. A lot of dogs were trained perfectly.

Finding the right box and getting the bal

wasn't that difficult for most of the dogs !!

On Sunday, after all the trials, the winners of the different trials got their cups. The best three dogs over all, where the right winners. Number 3 and 2 belonged to the same owner. Number one was a young bitch (father Gordo) with a young owner. She won 3 trials, and with that she became overall number one !!

number 3 & 2 on the left, the winner in the middle and the judges and members of honour on the background.

The winner with her boss and the jury.

The winner with the chairman of the Spanish Club, Antonio, together with the cups she won.


Monday we stood up late again. We went to Jerez de la Frontera and Arcos de la Frontera.

Shira gets a drink while we rest in the shade...

Arcos is build on a mountain, which gives a spectacular view.

In the evening we went with a couple of dogs to a lake to train rescuing....
....Shira was the fastest...


Tuesday we stayed at our home, we took a dive in our pool and Shira was allowed in as well, but she had to leave the pool by the stairs...


Wednesday we went to Grazalema. A magnificent little white village in one of the greenest parts in southern Spain. Sierra de Grazalema is a 'parc natural' with a divers flora and fauna.


Thursday we layed back all day.

On Friday we had to pack our things again. We said goodbye to Antonio and his family and we drove back to Malaga airport.

The last stop before Malaga