Social dog

The  Spanish Waterdog is a friendly breed, very fond of his own family and everything within the family. If a Spanish Waterdog gets a good socialization, they can deal with other dogs, cats, small pets without any problem. Even with bigger pets and farm animals like cows, horses, goats or sheep they can get along fine.

The breed is social, friendly, easy to train (they learn real quickly) and they adapt to all kind of situations. Spanish Waterdogs are very playful, up till an older age.

The Spanish Waterdog is not a dominant breed. If one has only one dog, one should not expect dominance problems, no matter if it concerns a dog or a bitch. Does one have more than one dog, then you will find out most of the time the bitch is in charge.

The breed is not a fighting breed.

The breed in house

The breed can be held in an appartment as well as on a farm, but in the first case, they will need more exercise. The Spanish Waterdog loves to take a long walk, but if neccesary, they will be fine with a short walk as well.

Spanish Waterdogs guard so far, that they bark if someone comes in unexpectedly and if needed they will defend their bosses and his belongings.

Against strangers they can be a little shy, but this depends on the socialization as well. If the boss shows that the company is welcome, the will be OK with that.