Colors alowed in the Spanish waterdog breed


The Spanish Waterdog occurs in different colors. The basic colors are black, white and brown (in all different shades) Besides that black and brown can be seen together with white. Black and brown are not allowed together (tan- factor) and triple-colored is also not allowed (black, brown and white together).


 Solid brown, solid black and solid white:

Spaanse Waterhond reu, Chico Spaanse Waterhond reu, Drago

Spaanse Waterhond teef, Brenda


Brown and white, black and white in a 'pattern'-form:

Spaanse Waterhond reu, Gordo Spaanse Waterhond reu, Rasta


or 'piebald':

Spaanse Waterhond reu, Azko Spaanse Waterhond teef, Salsa, op Kali


or mostly white with a black or brown spot:

 Spaanse Waterhond teef, Chica


 Than there is beige (creme). This is an enlightened form of black or brown. You can tell by the nose the basic color of the dog, a brown nose is a brown dog, a black nose is a black dog. Beige also can be seen together with white, only often you can't see the white markings.