About us


First we will introduce ourselves.

We are Gelt Hoekstra and Lotte Geertsma. We live together in Garijp, a little town in the north of the Netherlands.

Gelt is a licensed instructor (O&O) and trains dogs since 1993 in several disciplines, like Obedience and Agility.

Lotte is Bachelor in Science of Animal Management. She was a teacher for several years at a high school for animal care.


      Gelt met Shira, zijn eerste Spaanse Waterhond


Lotte in Ronda, Andalusië


In Garijp we run an animal-hotel. For more information about this animal-hotel, or our indoor dogs-swimmingpool, take a look at our page: www.dierenpensionloge.nl (only in Dutch)

Together we have a son, Myko, born 20-09-2011


Gelt also has two sons out of an earlier relationship:

Raymon and Dennis riding Drange Rolv


Gelt is a member of the PDAECB (Perro De Agua Español Club België) and the PDAECD (Perro de Agua Español Club Deutschland).

Lotte is a member of the Asociación Española del Perro de Agua Español (the Spanish club), the PDAECB (Perro De Agua Español Club België) and she is a member of the PDAECD (Perro de Agua Español Club Deutschland).

The first time Lotte came in contact with the Spanish Waterdog was in 1998.

In 2000 Lotte kept an dog to do obedience with. It was because of this dog she and Gelt met. Gelt was fascinated by the working abilities of this breed and that's why he bought his own SWD in 2003.

Now we have several SWD's. On the page "Our dogs" you can find more information about them.


Gelt, Lotte and Dennis have beside the dogs an other hobby; Horse riding !

We have our horses at home and also breed with them.