Dutch Champion

Winster 2004

Working Champion 2006

Shira, Spaanse Waterhond teef

Shira's full name is: Shira Fehaér Masco.

She was born on the 6th of May 2003 and was Gelt his first Spanish Waterdog.

Shira, Spaanse Waterhond teef, 10 weken oud

Shira, Spaanse Waterhond teef met Gelt

Shira has done several Obedience courses with Gelt (A, B and C). Besides that she also did Agility.

Shira, Spaanse Waterhond teef tijdens een wandeling van de PDAECN
Shira with a long coat...

...and with a short coat.

In 2005 Shira competed in the working trials in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain. She completed 5 out of 7 tests (at least 3 of the 7 tests need to be completed to succeed). Shira was with this result the best foreign bitch!

In 2006 Shira competed again in the International working trials in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain.
She did all 7 tests. At diving, Shira became third, on the ladders as well on the ramp she became second an d she became first at retrieving on land.
With this result, Shira became overall first and with that Working Champion 2006 !!


Shira is shown several times. Her results up till now are:

Zuidlaren’04: excellent CAC/CACIB (Youth Class)

Leeuwarden’04: excellent  CAC/CACIB (Youth Class)

Kampioensclubmatch P.D.A.E.C.N ’04: excellent (Youth Class)

Amsterdam’04: excellent  CAC/CACIB Winster 2004

Oldenburg (D) '05: excellent  VDH CAC/CACIB

Arcos de la Frontera (S) '05: excellent , 3rd Open Class

Amsterdam '05: excellent , 3rd Open Class

Zuidlaren '06: excellent  CAC/CACIB

Leeuwarden '06: excellent (Champion Class)

Arcos de la Frontera (S) '06: excellent , 5th Open Class

Clubmatch KC Friesland '07: excellent, best bitch, BOB, best of group 8


Shira (between the working trials ) on holiday in Arcos de la Frontera (Spain) !!

Shira, Spaanse Waterhond teef in Arcos de la Frontera, waar zij mee deed met de werkproeven

Below a few pictures of Emma, a full sister of Shira from Germany. Emma is owned by Astrid Fuchs and is German Champion and International Champion.


(photo's A. Fuchs)