Taking care of your Spanish Waterdog


The ears

Because of the coat always grows and doesn't shed, the hairs in the ears grow as well. Because of this it is possible that dirt stays in the ears and that the ears become warm. This warm environment is an ideal place for ear mite. To prevent this, one can pull out the hairs in the ears and clean the ears with special ear-cleaning solution.


The eyes

The eyes usually get dirty since they are covered in wool. You should clean the eyes daily to remove any tears or discharge that tends to accumulate in and around the tear ducts. If you do this from day one you have your dog, he or she gets used to it and it will be not a problem.


Dental health

Normaly a dog has strong teeth. You can give the dog a rope to floss or a chewing bone to keep his teeth healthy.

At the age of 4 months, a puppy gets his adult teeth. in this time he needs something where is is allowed to chew on.

It can be useful to learn your dog to show his teeth when you ask him to. The vet and, if the dog will be showened, the judge will be pleased with a well mannered dog.

Spaanse Waterhond reu, Azko de Jelova