2012 We are so busy in our animal-hotel and with our son (born in 2011) that we do not have the time to keep our weblog up to date. The other pages on the site will be update regularly.
26 January 2010 Wednesday the 20th of January we got the key to our new place. First we went through the house with the two of us, but soon we got the first visitors !! We invited a couple of friends to a drink at our new place. Thursday and Friday we were very busy cleaning the house and kennels for our own dogs. Especially the kennels were very dirty...
Saturday the 23rd of January was the day of moving... With a very large truck the content of our house in Leeuwarden was brought over to our new house in Garijp. The days after that were about unpacking and decorating.. Today we locked on the computer so we can keep you informed ;-)
10 January 2010 Within 10 days we'll get the key to our new home!! Like we said before (7 July 2009) we went looking for a house with more space for our dogs and horses. This all near our hometown Leeuwarden.
During our search we got the offer to take over an existing animal pension. Because this always has been a dream of us, we grabbed this change with both hands!!
Because of the financial crisis, it took us a while to find a bank which was willing to lend us the money we needed, but this also worked out.
Like we said, it is an existing pension for dogs and cats. Besides the pension we also want to introduce a swimming pool for dogs, this indoors and heated, so dogs can come to swim the whole year round. Also a friend of us, who is a dog groomer, is coming a few days per week to groom dogs. And we want to start a dogs school for obedience and several dog-sports like agility.
The part of the pension where the cats can stay will get a make-over, because that part is dated.
As you can see we are very busy with all the preparations. For our horses we will have enough space, but there are no stables yet, so we already asked for a license to build stables. Further on we are busy packing and sometimes we get visitors who want to see our current home, because that is for sale now.

For who wants to see more: www.dierenpensionloge.nl  This is the link to our pension, it is in Dutch only, but you'll get an idea !

23 December 2009 2 of the puppies from the litter of Macha (from Andries, the brother of Gelt), should go to Finland. Because of tendency of the market they couldn't go. We decided to take the bitch which was reserved for Finland. Officially her name is Chena, but because the dog of Gelt's oldest son Dennis is called Xena, we named her Candy. Soon we will give Candy her own page on this website.
24 October 2009 The puppies are now 8 weeks old and the owners can't wait to pick up their new puppy.
Sofia, Sol and Sanchia already left on Thursday, yesterday followed by Sarita en Sancho (Banjer) and today Salvador and Suela will leave us to go to their new adress.
17 October 2009 The puppies are now 7 weeks old. Last week they already got their check-up and vaccination and today we went with them to the eye-specialist. The puppies all are very healthy and got no eye-diseases.
4 October 2009 One of us has to stay at home because of the puppies and that is why Lotte goes alone with Leona to the Int. dog show in Zwolle. Leona gets an excellent en through that she becomes Best of Breed. Leona gets through this her second point for the Dutch Championship and her first International point.
2 October 2009 The third litter of Chulo arrives !! Macha (daughter of Shira) gives birth to 5 beautiful puppies. This time the owners, Andries en Hilda, are planning to keep one of the bitches.
1 October 2009 The puppies are growing fine. They are a month old now and are eating porridge of soaked dry-food very good. Besides that, they are getting Carnibest puppy, a complete fresh meat food, what they enjoy very much!!
Today they went outside for the first time. They played a lot in our backyard in the sun, although the first few minutes where a little bit scary....
24 September 2009 The puppies of Shira and Chulo are growing rapidly and are starting to play with eachother.
All of the puppies have allready a new owner and all new owners have visited their puppie (and us) for the first time.
1 September 2009 During the night between the 30th of August and the 31st of August Shira starts giving birth. During a long but very nice delivery she in total brings 7 puppies to this world. 3 brown ones and 4 black ones. 2 males and 5 bitches. Mum and pups are doing very well.
30 August 2009 Because Shira can give birth now any time, Lotte can't go to the International Dog show in Rotterdam. Gelt therefore goes alone with Chulo and Leona. Leona gets a Very Good in the Youth Class. Chulo gets an Excellent, becomes best male and Best of Breed. Because he now is older than 27 months and had enough points, he now officially has his Dutch Championship !!
17 August 2009 Yerba is not feeling well the last few days, so we went with her to our vet today. After a few tests it seemed that she unfortunately has Diabetes. This means that we have to inject her insulin every day for the rest of her live. Very unpleasant, but happily she now feels better.
At the kennel Ratna-Sambhava today Chulo's first litter has been born. This colourful pack contains 3 males and 1 bitch.
27 July 2009 Today we have made an ultrasound of Shira. On the 29th of June she has mated with Chulo, but because right after that she got an infection we didn't know for sure if she got pregnant. Fortunately today we saw a couple of puppies, probably 4, but because they lay very close to each other it was hard to count.
7 July 2009 Busy, busy, busy....
Last half year a lot has happened. Because of that not enough time to keep this weblog updated.
In a nutshell the events of the last months:
* Leona got her diplomas of Obedience A, B en C very easily. Because she has passed the age of 12 months she and Lotte started Agility and she has got her starters diploma as well. At the dogshows Leona also does a very good job: in Groningen she became BEST BITCH at the age of just 10 months old. She beated a number of Open Class and even Championsclass-bitches. A wonderfull result !! In Arnhem she got a Very Good.
* Chulo gets better and better in Agility and he got his experienced diploma already. At the dogshows is going super with him.  In Groningen and Arnhem he got the CAC/CACIB and both times he became BOB (Best of Breed). In Leeuwarden he was best male Open Class and he got the reserve CAC/CACIB.
* Lotte's health still isn't alright. The first half of this year she already was hospitalized two times. At the moment she luckily is feeling well again and she's got a new job.
*Op the 17th of April 2009 we had the third walk of the Perrofriends. The number of people and dogs who joines us was enormous: in total 60 people and 35 perro's !! This time we had a walk in the area of Apeldoorn. This walk also was very successful.
* We started looking for a new place for us to stay. We now life in the city, but because we want have more space for our dogs and because we want our horses near us, we want to move into the countryside. We are now looking for a farmhouse in the area of our hometown. 
8 December 2008 This morning our male Banjer died. He was 10 years old and the Alpha-male in our pack. We will miss him a lot!!
7 December 2008 And then there was only one... Yesterday as well as today the other two puppies have left. Only Perla stays until Saturday, so she gets a lot of attention from the other dogs.
5 December 2008 Saint Nicolas in Holland... And a lot quieter in the house. The first 3 puppies have left and went to their new owners.
2 December 2008 Proximo, one of the two males. had a pretty big hernia and has had surgery for that today. The surgery went very well and it did not take long for Proximo to recover from the anaesthesia. But he thought it was a good place to sleep, so Lotte had to wait an hour before he was awake enough to take him home. At home he started eating right away and you can't notice he just had surgery.
30 November 2008 The Amsterdam Winner. Chulo became 1st with an excellent in the open class males and he got the reserve CAC/CACIB. We are very glad with this result. The judge was strict, but gave the dogs all opportunities to show themselves properly and took all the time for them.
29 November 2008 Today we went with the puppies to the eye-specialist. The puppies were very busy and the specialist had his hands full. All puppies are free of hereditary eye-diseases.
22 November 2008 The puppies are now 6 weeks old and they are becoming real dogs already. Last week they were chipped and next week we will go to the vet with them for their first vaccination and check-up.
7 November 2008 Again a bad message. The people who take care of our horses tell us that Donja, our old Fjord, is not doing very well. Lotte is still very sick, but she does not hesitate for a moment and goes to see her. When she arrives she sees that Donja is doing very bad. It seems that Donja has given up live and that is why Lotte decides to call the vet to end her suffering. Unless Donja's health was going down, it still was very hard for all of us. We won't forget this magnificent and "one of a kind" grandmother of us.
6 November 2008 Lotte happily gets discharged from the hospital again. She still has to stay in bed for a while.
3 November 2008 Lotte has to go the hospital unexpectedly, so Gelt has to take care of the puppies alone. Gelt also has an agility-exam this week with Chulo and also with Shira. Chulo has an exam for the beginners and Shira for the advanced dogs. Unless the stress this week Gelt succeeds to pass both exams.
1 November 2008 The puppies are three weeks old now. They all crawl around very happily. Lotte has had an obedience-exam with Leona this week; she passed the exam with almost only excellent.
24 October 2008 Presea and Paca are the first ones to open their eyes. The rest will undoubtfull folow this next week.
19-October 2008 Today we had a walk with the Perrovrienden in the drents-friesche wold. It was a succes !! There where 65 people and 39 perro's !!! We hope that there will be more of these walks in the future.
18 October 2008 We have had a hectic week.... Lotte slept all week near the puppies, some of them were also bottlefed the first days. All six of them are doing fine now. On top of that Gelt's father died this week.
11 October 2008 De puppies are born today, they are a little bit early and some of them are really small, so we hope everything works out fine. There are 2 males and 4 females. Both males have a long tail, all 4 of the females are born short-tailed.
5 October 2008 Coca is clipped for the coming birth... She is due in about 1,5 week and is starting to get a very big belly ;)
16 September 2008 Today we made an ultrasound of Coca's growing belly :) And as we already expected she is pregnant !! We saw 4 puppies on the ultrasound. We have a long waiting list so we hope we can make a few people very happy with the news of a puppy for them in about a month.
14 September 2008 Chulo became BOB (Best Of Breed) today in Zwolle. In group 8 he was placed 6th, so our day was made!!
17 August 2008 Today we had the first hike of the Perrovrienden. We had a great time and we sure hope many of these hikes will follow. For everyone who is interested to become a "friend of the perro", take a look at the site www.perrovrienden.nl and sign in!!!
16 August 2008 Coca has mated with Din-Mar's Pepe. We will make un ultrasound around 16 September to see of the 2 lovers can expect a litter.
11 August 2008 We went into a lot of trouble to find Coca a male !! Because of the holidays we couldn't get in contact with th owners of the male (from Germany) we first had in mind. Also the owners of another male just went on holiday the days Coca has to mate... The male we now are going to use is still enjoying his holidays in Sweden with his owners! Especially for Coca he will come home early !! 
6 August 2008 All our bitches are in heat.... Very cosy, but totally unexpected Coca also came into heat together with the rest. This means that our search for a suitable male had to speed up.
18 July 2008 Holiday!!! We won't get much peace though. We are busy in our house painting and fixing things, meanwhile we are looking around for a new place for us and the animals. This is one of the reasons we won't go the Spain, to the Int. Working trails, this year.
4 July 2008 We have had Chulo's hips x-rayed today. The picture is send to the "Raad van Beheer" to be judged and ofcourse we are very curious about the result !!
20 June 2008 Today we picked up Yerba. In 1999 Lotte got Yerba from Belgium and she was co-owner f this magnificent dog.
Yerba was, unfortunally, still at kennel kennel Fehaér Masco when September last year the dogs were confiscated. A while ago we got the message that the dogs officially were taken away from kennel Fehaér Masco and that we, finally, could pick up Yerba.
Yerba is feeling very well at home allready and we are glad that we have her with us now. Yerba is the mother of Shira and the grandmother of Leona. We now have 3 generations walking around in house :-)
16 June 2008 Yesterday we came back from our trip to Finland. We have brought Luca and Lucidez to their new owners. We enjoyed our days there very much. Everybody was very friendly and we enjoyed the Finnish hospitality. Ofcourse we saw some Spanish waterdogs overthere !! We were invited to see a couple of agility-traininghours and on sunday, before we went to Helsinki to catch our flight back, we visited a dogshow with perro's. We made a lot of pictures and films. We have had the best fish for dinner and we brought a lot of salmon back to the Netherlands !!
18 may 2008 The appointments to pick up the puppies are already made. This week they will get chipped and the week after that they will get their first vaccination and check up by the vet.
2 of the pups (Lucia en Leticia) are going to Sweden and will be picked up in the first week of June. The same week Letrilla is going to her new owners as well, but she stays in the Netherlands.
In the beginning of the second week of June Leo is going to his new owners (he stays in the Netherlands as well) and somewhere that week we are going to bring Luca and Lucidez to Finland ourselves.
Leona is already at home... she stays with us and from this moment she has got here own page on our website.
16 may 2008 Today the official HD-result of Coca (Hihurg de Ubrique) came in. She has HD-A (HD-free)!!
11 may 2008 Gelt was looking after the pups, while Lotte went to a dodshow with Chulo today. Chulo became best juvenile male and because this was the third time he did that, he is now Dutch Youth Champion !!
6 may 2008 The puppies are growing very well. They are becoming real dogs already and they start practicing barking as well ;-)
The weather is beautiful and the puppies went outside in our backyard for the first time this weekend. They found it very interesting.
With the other dogs we often go for a swim with this beautiful weather.
12 April Our other mare decided that she couldn't stay behind and brought a big and strong stallion foal into this world. Happily this was at 23.25 hours, so we could still get some sleep ... :-)
11 April 2008 We were very busy today.. Shira started giving birth yesterday evening and went on with it until very early this morning !! Meanwhile one of our mares decided it was time to bring her mare foal into this world at 00.45 hours... Nice timing and it cost us a lot of sleep. Gelt had to be at Schiphol airport at 10 this morning to pick up Jenny. She came from Sweden to pick up Léon. After she admired the puppies and the foal, Gelt brought her and Léon to Schiphol airport. We really find it a pity that Léon is gone, but fortunately we have his children to entertain us coming weeks !!!
3 April 2008 Chulo passed his exam for Obedience-B. It was a little a question if he would do it, because Chulo is acting like a teenager at the moment, but he and Gelt passed with only excellents !!
Lotte and Dios have started a course doggydance since two weeks. Uptill now they both enjoy it very much !
31 March 2008 We went to Vianen today. There was a day for people who clip dogs for profession. We were invited to tell about the taking care of the coat of Spanish Waterdogs.
We had a great day, talked to a lot of people and saw a lot of interesting things (and dogs) !!
27 March 2008 Shira is becoming rounder and rounder, we are very curious about the puppies and we hardly can't wait...
24 March 2008 Dogshow in Leeuwarden. A home-game for us and always nice to see all the familiar faces !!
There were 2 open class males and 1 juvenile. Our friend Peter from Belgium got 1excellent in the open class, became best male and BOB. Our Chulo got an axcellent in the juvenile class and got his seconf youthchampionship point with that. He got the reserve CAC.
There were 4 bitches, 1 juvenile, 2 open class and 1 champion. Coca got 1 excellent in the open class, but best bitch was the champion. Coca got the reserve CAC/CACIB and with that her 4th championshippoint. She is now a Dutch Champion !!
23 March 2008 A white Easter in Holland !!!! Chulo and Coca took a bath, because we have an important exhibition tomorrow. An International show in our own hometown Leeuwarden. Nowadays the biggest international dogshow in 1 day in Europe. Over 2.500 dogs are listed. This show is organized by our own dog-association Friesland.
22 March 2008 We went with Coca and Chulo to our eye-specialist: both are free of eye-diseases.
18 March 2008 Because Coca was not x-rayed yet in Holland, we went with her to our specialist in Sneek. The photo looked very good; now we have to wait for the official result of the Raad van Beheer.
11 March 2008 We went to the vet to make an ultrasound of Shira's belly... She is pregnant and we saw at least 4 puppies !! Now we still have to wait for a month to see the pups.. we expect them around April the 13th.
1 March 2008 Dogshow in Groningen. For Chulo it was the first time at show and he did well !! He got his first excellent and his first CAC !! Coca got an excellent and was best Open class bitch (Macha became second with an excellent as well ). Coca lost the CAC/CACIB to a championbitch, but she got the reserve CAC/CACIB !
18 Februari 2008 Coca and Lotte did their exam for the A-class obedience with another group. Off course Coca passed her exam without a problem !
10 Februari 2008 Léon has mated with Shira !! In about a month we will go to the vet to make an ultrasound and find out if she is pregnant.
24 Januari 2008 Chulo passed his exam for the A-class obedience. Because Lotte went to the hospital today to undergo a surgical operation, she couldn't do the exam with Coca.
13&14 Januari 2008 Gelt went to Spain to pick up Léon (Pontlajac de Ubrique). This magnificent male with a golden character is a Spanisch Chapion. He will stay over with us to mate with Shira next time she comes in heat. Léon probably goes to England or Sweden when he is done here.
1 Januari 2008 New years eve went very well, a little bit foggy... The dogs did not bother the fireworks at all.
25 November 2007 Macha became first of the open class bitches at the Winner in Amsterdam. She got an excellent and between all the bitches she got the reserve CAC/CACIB !!
November 2007 Chulo did well in the puppyclass and now he may start in the A-class obedience. Gelt will take him and Lotte will take Coca into the same class.
6 September 2007 Chulo just arrived in Holland and now he allready has to go to puppyclass. Fortunately he doesn't seem to be impressed by anything new he sees and learns.
4 September 2007 Gelt went to Spain and back to pick up our new puppy: Chulo. More about him on his own page.
20 August 2007 We are back from our holidays. We had a lovely time and fortunately not as hot as we had the years before...
We really enjoyed the Working Trials; the Spanish really had trained with their dogs and it showed !! We saw a lot of very good dogs and maybe there didn't compete as much dogs (owners) as last year, but the level was really high this year.
There was a quite rightly winner, in the form of a fine, small 2 year old bitch (daughter of Gordo) and her young boss !!! More about this (and pictures of course) on our page: Int. Working trials 2007.

We've seen a lot of the countryside and the divers white villages this year. We know for sure: we haven't seen all of it yet !!

8 August 2007 Today we are going on our holidays !!!!
5 August 2007 Just a few days and then we're leaving again to Spain. We're going to the trials again, just like last two years. This time not to compete. Shira, our champion of last year, may not compete in 2007. We are not less existed trough this. As soon as we are back home, we will tell more about the trials on our website.
4 July 2007 We have had a very busy period, so we didn't had the time for the website and the weblog. Most important issues of the last couple of months:
Kitty, one of our cats, has died due to a car accident.
A daughter of Shira, Izzarra, is now Swedish champion !E
Coca is back from Spain and she is going to stay with us in the Netherlands now. We've missed her very much and she missed us as well !
We went to the clubmatch of the KC Friesland with Dios and Shira... A very hot and sunny day and we got sunburned, but we went home with a great result! Dios became best male with an excellent and Shira became best bitch, best of breed and best of group 8 !!

Also other news !!  Gelt graduated for the MER (so now we have time again for the website..). Next week he can pick up his diploma.

4 March 2007  Yesterday we picked Maria from Finland up from schiphol airport. Today we brought her back agian, this time with Romi. She came to pick up Romi to take him to his new family in Finland. In Helsinki Romi walked, waving with his tail, straight into the hearts of Paivi and her family.
23 February 2007 We miss Coca  a lot and we have agreed with her owner Antonio that after she has given birth, she will come back to the Netherlands to stay. We have gained such a good connection with her, that we don't want to miss her anymore, so she will be ours after this.
19 February 2007 Coca is back in Spain. She has mated with Emilio Santos von Moorgraben in January and on the ultrasound we saw 4 puppies. Becuase Coca is Antonio's dog, she is back to his place to give birth.
18 February 2007 After Fidel, Jeffers went to his new home in Germany. From this litter, none of the pups is going to stay in the Netherlands. Pancho and Romi will stay with us for another 2 weeks before they will go to Germany and Finland.
17 February 2007 We went with the puppies to Sneek to see Dr. Gutteling so he could check the eyes. It is always an exciting moment, but everything was OK. Directly after that, Fidel was taken to his new home in Belgium. It;s going so fast, it seems last week they were born...
9 February 2007 Today we have taken the puppies to our vet for their first vaccination and their full body-check. It is now officially confirmed: these puppies are males, they've got balls !!
7 February 2007 The puppies have been chipped today and like real guys do, they didn't scream at all  !!
26 January 2007 The boys have grown these past weeks very well. They already eat porridge and play a lot.
6 January 2007 The puppies are a week old now and grow like hell. The smallest one weighs now 700 grams and the biggest one is already a kilo !! None of them is going to stay in Holland, one is going to Finland, 2 to Germany and 1 to Belgium.
30 December 2006 This morning at half past 5 Shira started giving birth. At about 10:00 am the last of four strong boys was born !!! We're a little bit disappointed, because we had hoped for a girl to keep for show and work, but we are very happy with these 4 beautiful healthy boys.
10 December 2006 Shira is growing very beautiful. Not only her abdomen, but also the rib case is more full. Just a couple of weeks more to go now !!!
1 December 2006 We did an ultrasound of Shira. We now know for sure that she is pregnant. We saw at least 4 puppies on the ultrasound, but we expect there will be more. So the next period will be very exciting for us. As soon as the puppies are born we will let you know.
16 November 2006 Sadly, also Sheridan has past away. Together with Djekkie we have done our best, but it wasn't mend to be. Until yesterday evening, everything seemed to be fine, but from then on she refused to drink and we tried hard, but this afternoon she died as well.
14 November 2006 The black kitten has died unfortunately. Our Djekkie, who is their foster-mum, has 1 kitten left to take care of. We call the black and white kitten Sheridan.
13 November 2006 We are not sure yet, because we can only make an ultrasound 25 days after mating, but Shira looks pregnant to us. She gets on some weight and her behavior towards our other bitch has got a little bit 'bitchy'. We hope, just like last year, she gives us a beautiful divers litter with a two-colored bitch to keep.
11 November 2006  Thanks to our dearest friend Caroline, who also is our (animal) sitter when we are away, we now have two little kittens to take care of. The kittens were left alone and have been brought to a vet, where Caroline works for her trainee-ship. They  have to be bottle-feed, because they are probably just a day old. We hope we can save them.
3 November 2006 We are going on a trip to Rome. A long weekend of art, culture and celebrating the 60th birthday of  Lotte's mum. Shira has mated and we hope to welcome a few beautiful pups within 9 weeks. 
22 October 2006 At last !!! Shira is in heat. This time she kept us waiting a very long time, but finally she is ready. When everything goes well, she will mate somewhere next week. Again we made the choice that Azko de Jelova will be her fiancée. The reason for us to let her mate with this dog again, is that the litter she gave birth to last year applied to all the goals that we have (a good character, working abilities and beauty).   
6 September 2006 We are waiting for Shira to get in heat. It is her time by now, but she keeps us waiting. It's nature so waiting is the only thing we can do.
15 August 2006 We came back yesterday out of Spain and we reached our goal; Finishing with the best 10 dogs, even better!! Chico is overall 2nd in the International Working trials 2006 !!!

Shira is Working Champion 2006 !!!

There were 40 dogs competing, 33 out of Spain, 5 out of England and our 2 from the Netherlands.
* The first trial, retrieving from water, Chico became 2nd.
* With the second trail, rescue from the water, our dogs did well, but not fast enough to end with the best 3.
* With the third trial, diving, Shira became 3rd (thanks for practicing ! )
* At the fourth trial, the ladders, Shira became 2nd.
* The ramp, the fifth trial, was so fast taken by Shira that we even didn't get it well on tape, and she was 2nd here as well.
* The sixth trial, retrieving on land, went well for both our dogs, Shira was 1st and Chico 3rd.
* The seventh trial, searching, was for Chico, he became 1st.

9 August 2006 Our last day at work. Tomorrow we leave for Spain. Everything is ready and packed, the passports for the dogs and us, food for the dogs and everything we think we are going to need.
It's our goal to finish with the best 10 dogs.
23 July 2006 Shira en Chico are in full training now for the Working trails in Spain. It's a little bit hot in Holland now, so they don't want to work all the time, but it's a good practice, in Spain it's even hotter. Gladly they do work with pleasure in the water right now, so we can practice diving !!
Diving is one of the things we want to do better then last year. With this trial, a sinking apport is thrown in the water (max dept of 80cm) and the dogs have to retrieve it.
Because the lack of clear water, we go for this to a special dogs-pool in Waskemeer, near Drachten. In this pool only dogs are allowed to swim.
8 July 2006 Because of the lovely weather, we swim a lot with the dogs. They really enjoy it and an hour is to short for them!
1 July 2006 Today the last pup left... It is quiet in the house now. Coca is enjoying the peace, but sometimes we catch her looking for puppies underneath the furniture.
24 June 2006 We booked the trip to Spain. This year, same as last year, we are competing in the International Working trials for Spanish waterdogs, which are held in the south of Spain.
We are leaving the 10th of August and return on the 14th.
18 June 2006 Today, Tibo left as first pup the safety of his litter. We hope his new owners enjoy him as much as we did.
7 June 2006 By today, Gelt has said to the Dutch club for Spanish Waterdogs, he wouldn't be a member anymore. He is sick and tired having to fight against members of the board of this club (of friends), who constantly are looking for any opportunity to try to oppose his way.
5 June 2006 Coca's puppies are now 5 1/2 weeks old. There all playing and running around in our house. Four of them already have a new owner. One male is still available. In about 2 weeks the pups can go to their owners.
31 May 2006 Our kennel registration is now official. From now on our kennel is called Del Alto Norte, which means in Spanish "from the high North". 
24 May 2006 4 weeks old now, the lightest one (the bitch) weighs 1420 grams and the heaviest one is 1840 grams. The really start to play with each other, although they crash after 5 minutes and fall in a deep sleep. When Coca doesn't pay attention, Shira grabs her change and plays for the nice stepmother !!
21 May 2006 The first time puppy milk and soft puppy food from a plate.. A little bit strange, but nice !!!
17 May 2006 The first puppies stand !! they are a little bit shaky but it is a start. Also the first daredevils start barking already !!
9 May 2006 The puppies are growing very well. We weigh them every two days and now they weigh between 850 and 1100 grams.
The eyes of the puppies are slightly opening and they start to move their ears (a sign of them starting to hear). The puppies crawl through the whole box.
2 May 2006 Sadly the little bitch died this morning. We were already afraid of this going to happen. Yesterday she didn't drink with Coca at all and she wouldn't accept the bottle. Last night I went out of bed to feed her again, but in spite of the heat lamp, she felt cold.
The other puppies are doing great, they weigh between 490 and 680 grams now!
30 April 2006 5 out of 6 puppies are growing very well, the heaviest is 600 grams now!
One of the bitches is falling behind, she is not drinking well and we try to bottle feed her.
26 April 2006 Coca gave birth to 6 puppies!! They are all brown with a little white on the chest. Everything went smooth.
There are 4 dogs and 2 bitches. They weigh between 230 and 360 grams.
17 April 2006 International Dog show in Leeuwarden, a home game for us. On this show 3 pups of our last year litter were shown. Of course we had Shira with us, her first time in Champion class. Shira got an excellent, but lost the title of best bitch to her own daughter Masha. With this, Masha got her first Dutch championship point. We congratulate their owners with this fantastic result.
12 April 2006 A few weeks ago Coca mated. We went to the Clinic for an ultrasound with her to check if she is pregnant, well.. she is!!! We hope the pregnancy will go on without any problems so we can expect healthy puppies in a few weeks.
10 April 2006 Our mare Odette got a healthy foal, with fantastic movements and a great appearance!  We have given her the name Bohemian Rhapsody, short Bo. Bo looks a lot like her mom and we hope she has got the same marvelous character. Pictures of Bo will soon be on our other site  www.axiomas.nl
5 Maart 2006 Shira and Chico are shown in Zuidlaren. Shira got her 5th Dutch championship point. This was her first point after she became aged 27 months and with this she became Dutch Champion !!!